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not your stereotypical DESIGNER

part hippy, part nomad, part business nerd. 

I've been a lot of things in my life so far - a gymnastics coach and a horse rider. I've been a maths tutor, engineering student and marketing manager.

I've been a traveller and an expat, and I've been the only girl in a motocross race. I've slept in cars and caravans and tents and remote island huts.

I've been dizzy with joy under starry skies and snowy peaks. Just writing this list makes me overwhelmed with gratitude.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm, where adventure and curiosity was a way of life. A sense of wonder and a desire to squeeze this life for all its goodness stayed with me ever since.

I'm Amy.

Why? Because those are my people.

hey, beautiful soul -

As you can probably guess, I love to design beautiful things. 

But that doesn't mean you'll find me hunched over a desk all week

I'm a creator for the wild and adventurous; the curious and the spontaneous; the imperfect and the deeply human.

Yes, I work hard.
But I never forget to live, even harder.











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"Nothing was too much trouble for Amy.

I was a little nervous to begin with as I had paid a deposit previously for a Web Designer in London and I had a terrible experience. I felt comfortable with Amy from the moment I heard her voice on one of our many WhatsApp voice notes! I knew I was in safe hands. 

I felt Amy understood what I was trying to achieve even though I was still piecing the puzzle together myself. 

The web design was only the finished product of a very inspiring experience working with her. She was kind and patient with me, supporting me along the way."

- Lucy, Indie Yoga

"The experience was nothing but exceptional.

From the moment we connected, despite the geographical distance between us—me living in the UK and Amy in Australia—our collaboration felt effortless.

Amy's professionalism, expertise, and easy-going nature made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. As a yoga photographer herself, she not only understood my vision but also brought her unique perspective to the table, ensuring that we were always on the same page.

As for the end result, I couldn't be happier. Amy delivered a stunning website that perfectly represents the essence of me and my new brand. 

– Kris, Present Practices

Embracing this lively, colourful aesthetic felt like a true reflection of myself and a pivotal part of my yoga and healing journey — practising being unapologetically, uniquely me.

Initially, I hesitated, fearing the design might be too “out there” amidst a sea of neutral, tranquil yoga sites. Amy really helped me overcome my doubts and fears.

We crafted a space that's both welcoming and unique, perfectly aligned with the Positive Movement mission of celebrating individuality, cultivating community and a positive movement. 

Amy really allowed me to be part of the process - it definitely felt like a co-creation!

If you need help, make sure you work with someone who shares your enthusiasm, resonates with your ideas and is excited to nurture and amplify (and perhaps interpret!) your creativity. And if you’re scared of your ideas - Amy is the perfect designer for you!

- Georgina, Positive Movement

"My website was old and outdated; like a magician, Amy has delivered a beautiful website. I am totally in love with the design.

I felt like I could trust her to do her thing. Not only am I happy with the design, but Amy was so quick. Wowsers - so quick.

Amy was kind and easy to work with. She also goes above and beyond. Very grateful to have found her."

- Emma Simpson Holistic Bodywork

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