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I’m keeping this post short and sweet – but packed with value if you put in the time to apply it!

Before we jump in, check out this related post: 6 Reasons Yoga Teachers Need A Website.

Okay, now you’re ready to go! There are a few key ingredients you should include on your website as a yoga teacher or a wellness business in general. Here are my top 4:

1: Social proof

So you’re great at what you do?

Testimonials, reviews and “worked with” brand badges are some of the most trustworthy ways to show your value. Potential customers may not believe YOU if you say you’re great, but they’re far more likely to believe their peers who have worked with you.

2: Your upcoming events

Even if they’re hosted on a studio or other business’ website, share links on your website to your events so your clients can easily find them all in one place. 

3: A clear explanation of your offerings

Obvious as it may be – if someone wants to work with you, make it easy for them to figure out how to. Share specific offerings, packages and services so they can see how their needs would be met. 

4: Your personality

Your website is the perfect place to express yourself! Use photos of you, beautiful graphics and branding to show your personality and connect with the right audience. 

What else would you include on this list?

How to bring it all together. 

So – you have some of the key ingredients for your website. You see the value of having one (if you don’t yet – read this)

And the best news? it can be easier and more affordable than you imagined – now what?

First, find a website builder

I recommend Showit – it’s easy to use (drag and drop with no coding) and super affordable.

Start with a template

Showit has lots of free generic templates to try – or you can make your job SUPER easy by grabbing one of our yoga teacher website templates!

Check them out in the store.

These templates are designed specifically for yoga teachers – they’re fully customisable and super easy to set up. Each template comes with instructions on how to set up your website from A to Z.

Ready to take the leap?

Whether you’re considering dipping your toes in or ready to dive deep, getting started on your website is one of the best business moves you can make for years to come! I hope this article helps and gives you some more confidence and motivation to build your own website.

4 Key Things Yoga Teachers Should Have On Their Website

November 16, 2022

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"Honestly, beyond what I had in mind"

- Rosalyn Lim

I mean, I knew it was going to be amazing coming from you - but that looks SO good! Thank you! That looks so, so, so good. Exactly what I was going for.

"It's stunning. It's like a work of art"

- Julio Zavagli

"Oh my god - they are gorgeous! It's stunning. It's like a work of art... I love it so much, thank you so much."

"...beautiful, and peaceful, and full of soul."

- Carey, Luxe Studio

"They are just beautiful, and peaceful, and full of soul. I love them.

Thank you thank you thank you......can’t wait for next time"

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