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It’s time for some tough love.

This might seem like contrary advice coming from a designer –  but it has to be said!

Here are 6 reasons to start your business WITHOUT a logo:

Reason 1: Because it’s one of the LEAST important things

Think about this – what was the last business you LOVED working with? Maybe it was your accountant for getting you a fat tax return or your dog sitter for excellent customer service. Now tell me – can you remember their logo? Could you draw it? 

Unless it was Apple, I’d be very surprised if the answer was yes. 

What I’m getting at here is that in the grand scheme of your entire business, the things that REALLY matter are your systems, your customer service and the quality of your product or service. If we kept listing priorities in order of importance, your logo would be pretty close to the bottom of the pile. 

And yet – so many people starting businesses BEGIN with the logo. What if instead, we focused on building such a great business that the logo became irrelevant?

Reason 2: Because STARTING matters more

How many times have you met a new business owner who is stalling making any decisions or taking action on their plans because they’re too busy doing revisions on their logo? 

They’re killing the momentum. 

The exciting early part of your business is the perfect time to harness all your motivation and put it to good, high impact, use. Your logo is LOW impact, and devoting endless energy to it is not only a complete waste of time – it’s also a great way to burn out and kill your motivation. 

Reason 3: Because your clients don’t care.

If you have a service or product that the world needs, this is the harsh truth: it’s selfish to keep your gifts to yourself while you’re busy perfecting minor details. If you’re here to help women with eating disorders, they need your help NOW, not in 3 months when you’re finally happy with your colour palette. 

The same applies to pretty much any business out there – you’re here to serve your clients, not your craving for perfection.  

Reason 4: Because logos are the hardest part to design. 

If you’re doing this DIY, take it from someone who’s designed more graphics, websites AND logos than I can count – complex logo design is really time consuming, challenging even for professional designers, and as I mentioned above – low impact. 

Your complex logo can wait until your business is established and you can hire someone to do it – in the meantime, you can create a simple text logo on Canva to do just as good a job. 

Reason 5: Because you can (and probably will) change it anyway. 

As time passes, your business may grow, pivot, take on staff, adjust its target customer and more – which may ultimately call for a rebrand anyway. 

Even if none of that happens, it’s unlikely that you’ll be obsessed with your first logo for the next 5 years – so quit overthinking it and trust that when it’s ready to change, it can. 

Reason 6: Because your logo can’t do these things…

Your logo can’t sell your offers, provide a contact form or give any meaningful insight into your personality, brand or offerings. You know what can? Your website.

And since you can build a yoga website in one day, there’s no excuse to spend weeks or months working on the tiny logo in the corner of it.

But if you MUST start with your logo –

Go to Canva, type your name, find a nice font, and export it as a png. 

And I dare you to not spend an hour obsessing over which font.

Happy designing (or not)!

PS: Our website templates come with in-built wordmark logos you can just steal. It’ll take 30 sec, tops.  

Start Your Yoga Business WITHOUT A Logo (6 Reasons Why)

January 21, 2023

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