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What if you had the tools to make yoga more accessible to a wider audience, win over any studio you wanted to work with, and create alternative income streams for yourself as a teacher? Would you use them?

Spoiler alert: they’re already at your fingertips. 

Social media – love it or hate it – is a powerful force like no other when it comes to growing as a yoga teacher! There’s a beautiful world waiting for you to embrace it.

Here are just a few of my top reasons to be excited about social media as a yoga teacher. 

1: A competitive edge for getting classes

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Think of your Instagram as your digital CV. It can tell your story, share your personality and offer an insight into your expertise. If studios feel like they already know you, they’re more likely to feel comfortable hiring you. And if you’re bringing your own audience – it’s an added marketing value for your studio.

2: Make yoga accessible to more people

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If you’re in the yoga industry, chances are you’ve had moments of existential guilt or frustration. Yoga is such a powerful practice for physical and mental wellbeing, and yet the cost of studio membership creates a barrier to entry for some of the people who would benefit the most from it!

By providing free and valuable resources online, you’re serving those who can’t access you in studios – and (I say this in full seriousness) – you’re making the world a better place. 

3: Attract opportunities for sponsorship

Stay with me! I know what you’re thinking – sponsors are for accounts with a million followers, right? Wrong. 

Take it from someone who spent the first chunk of my career as a marketing manager in the health industry: “micro influencers” (aka: 1000-20k followers as a rough guide) are incredibly valuable to brands, so don’t underestimate a small following! 

Your audience is full of highly niched and highly engaged to yogis in your local area – there are lots of brands and studios who can benefit from that.

Partnering with brands you’re aligned with is a great way to make extra income and spread the word about businesses you believe in!

4: Become more independent and free

If COVID taught us anything, it was that your regular studio gigs may not be as dependable as you’d hope. 

The world is always changing and when you’re working for someone else, you’re putting your financial security and future in their hands. Not only that – you’re tying yourself to a specific location and limiting your potential to explore the world.

Building a strong online presence can help future-proof your work – and open opportunities to host your own events, online education, or even your own app! Your imagination is the limit when you have an engaged online audience who are eager to connect with you. 

So… are you ready to open the door to opportunity? Narnia is waiting. 

Why Successful Yoga Teachers Love Instagram (and 4 reasons you should too)

April 20, 2023

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